Текст песни Lisa Stansfield - All Woman

The World's Greatest Ballads (CD2)
Жанр: Pop
Исполнитель: Lisa Stansfield
Альбом: The World's Greatest Ballads (CD2)
Длительность: 05:17
Рейтинг: 1605
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Загрузил: Артемис Фаул


He's home again from another day She smiles at him as he walks through the door She wonders if it will be okay It's hard for her when he doesn't respond He says babe you look a mess You look dowdy in that dress It's just not like it used to be Then she says... Chorus: I may not be a lady But I'm all woman From monday to sunday I work harder than you know I'm no classy lady But I'm all woman And this woman needs a little love to make her strong You're not the only one She stands there and lets the tears flow Tears that she's been holding back so long She wonders where did all the loving go The love they used to share when they were strong She says yes I look a mess But I don't love any less I thought you always thought enough of me to always be impressed (chorus) He holds her and hangs his head in shame He doesn't see her like he used to do He's too wrapped up in working for his pay He hasn't seen the pain he's put her through Attention that he paid Just vanished in the haze He remembers how it used to be When he used to say You'll always be a lady 'cos you're all woman From monday to sunday I love you much more than you know You're a classy lady 'cos you're all woman This woman needs a loving man to keep her warm You're the only one You're a classy lady 'cos you're all woman So sweet the love that used to be So sweet the love that used to be We can be sweet again...
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