Текст песни Aborted - Act Of Supremacy

The Purity Of Perversion
Жанр: Brutal Death
Исполнитель: Aborted
Альбом: The Purity Of Perversion
Длительность: 02:43
Рейтинг: 951
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Загрузил: killer_number_9


Watch the knife penetrate your body, My urge to kill rises My bloodlust desecrates your cadaver, Feed my hunger Cranial tissue exposed to the bone, Adrenaline pumping Bloodshed Erotic-Masturbating as I dissect vital organs Necroerotic- My endless bloodfetishism Misanthropic I chew on your womb, Sucking your pit Excrements are gushing like puss, Boiled with nippels Impotence disrupting cotal flow, Failiour imminent Bloodshed My golden shower flushing your insides, 53 raped & molested, continue my spree Murder Act Of Supremacy
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