Текст песни Dying Fetus - Insidious Repression

War Of Attrition
Жанр: Brutal Death
Исполнитель: Dying Fetus
Альбом: War Of Attrition
Длительность: 03:33
Рейтинг: 986
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Загрузил: killer_number_9


Faces the generation reduced to vacant stares Heads filled with TV static, buying its shallow lies Jaded passionless whores, raping the desires of all Dark intentions luring, false sense of security I protect this sickness, as I watch in disdain Their disease I guard This bastardized American dream State sponsored psychosis, burned in mass consumption Every gallon wasted Is ten more soldiers I must kill Symptoms of consumption Appetite for self-destruction Free thought extinguished Reign of dull complacency Compulsive over-indulgence Media-trained responses Policy accommodations Enraging our enemies Incompetence facilitates attacks on native soil Misdirection, weak responses, future wars encouraged [SOLO: Gallagher] Refusal to resist the conditioning Calculated flaws build dependency Shallow fulfillment, relentless pursuit The emptiness will never be satisfied Culture of corpulence, overextended Inflated existence, perpetuating conquest Worldwide deployment to maintain control Quelling backlashes of outrage Fighting the next face of terror Prepared for each new conflict You might as well submit
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