Текст песни The Blacklight Posterboys - If The Animals Could Talk

Road Rash Jailbreak - OST
Жанр: Rock
Исполнитель: The Blacklight Posterboys
Альбом: Road Rash Jailbreak - OST
Длительность: 03:33
Рейтинг: 4680
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Загрузил: doctor-metalhead


On a big scale, who cares about the whale. I'll never see one anyway or listen to the tales. In the grand scheme, hey what's another cow? Just another piece of meat to me anyhow. If the animals could talk, they'd be cursing my name, I'd be getting death threats if they could write. If the animals could shoot I'd be hanging off a wall, they'd be getting me first so I gotta get 'em all On a sad note , I wouldn't want to be a seal my anniversary's coming up the mall has got a steal. On a fur coat that's a 100 percent real, throw in that leather handbag, you've got yourself a deal (CHORUS) I'm just a guy who doesn't take it serious. Don't think it's sad, but I'm only one man. .
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