Текст песни Deuce ft. Gadjet ft. GML ft. Truth - When We Ride

When We Ride
Жанр: Hip-Hop
Исполнитель: Deuce ft. Truth ft. Gadjet ft. GML
Альбом: When We Ride
Длительность: 04:21
Рейтинг: 1096
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Загрузил: Semman


[Truth] Hey yo, Deuce, You hear about this fuck boy Danny, Fuckin' American Idol reject... [Deuce and Truth] Fuckin' Faggots! That's when we, that's when we, that's when we ride! That's when we, that's when we ride on these bitches! (x2] [Chorus]: [Deuce] That's when we ride on bitches, you fuckin' faggot snitches So don't you try, we packin' 9's, we leave you dead in ditches [x2] [Kinda Major] Yo, Hollywood Who? Without my dawg Deuce, Don't make me have to ride, Men the boy got juice In or outside, this aint only in the booth Somebody gonna die, they gonna wish they called truce Kinda Major on a track got Truth, Gadjet get the facts If you faggots wants prove, might as well hang it up now No noose, im fuckin' everybody, leave your pussies out loose tie em' up and I throw em' in the trunk fuckers want a war and imma give em' what they want bend they ass over imma treat them like a punk prison break that ass off. going til I bust a nut I dont give a fuck, never have never will go try find a better rapper with some better skill I murder mother fuckers, I massacre for the thrill itching for some fucking killing and blood is my Benadryl [Chorus] [Deuce] Look now, you got to admit No one likes your pussy music You say you sold out, but didn't sell shit Fucking idiots, lip sync fags milli vanili bitch How the fuck do you call yourselves a band? You can barely rap its on now what comes up must come must come down When this shit flies, I won't be around Saying I can't spit was your biggest mistake Now UNDEAD sucks, they're a bunch of fakes Johnnys' getting overweight he's to fat to be callin' names Let's play a game everyone's listening When I say fuck, sing along and say "Fuck HU" Fuck HU! When I say "What's my name?" You call me Big Deuce What's my name? BIG DEUCE! [Chorus] [Truth] It's what it is, I'm the best in the Biz Black ski masks and the sig,2 clips 2 sips off of that Rosay With my man Jose with the coke Wait OC, and the bumb of the cree cree HU be softer then the sea breeze Fuck You We be nuttier than a resees And we see more dough Move more blow Deuce go solo, drop yall homos So fly come out the parachute Im always first to bail Never scared to shoot The Truth, ya know im out for the loot Heading to the top we movin' through the roof shorty got her top down just like the coupe Fuck you, this is 9Lives Real like, my ties One slip and you all die [Chorus] [Deuce] What! Say what the fuck! Six shooters up! Now, what the fuck! Point them up! [GML(Nacho)] Imma snatch your mask off And tell it like it is No more talent, no more show biz Deuce left the band Now yall a bunch of jokes Hollywood IS Dead And thatz all she fucken wrote Leave you dead in the ditches Heard you were snitches 9Lives that's how we ride on you bitches, yeah I said it, it's the boy from GML If you got hurt feeling, oh well Do something you couldn't face me on your best day the Wiz Kid is gone that's why you get less pay Still remember when your first album dropped skipped it to the chorus the rest of yall flopped wack ass lyrics I mean garbage Leaky like a faucet Your whole entourage Wish on a star bitch You'll never make a million 9Lives and GML In the buildin' [Chorus]
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