Текст песни Zoe Theodorou - I Believed It

Intelligent Music Favorites, Vol.15
Жанр: Lounge / Chillout / Easy Listening
Исполнитель: Zoe Theodorou
Альбом: Intelligent Music Favorites, Vol.15
Длительность: 07:09
Рейтинг: 1283
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Загрузил: gr-b777


I remember what you said to me that fateful day You told me that we were through And for a while I blamed myself for everything And I was blue, you’d be too Then I came to realize the circumstances That brought me to a revelation of my life And now I know I don’t ever wanna be Some foolish man’s wife Not for my life I believed it when You told me that you cared And I believed it when You said that you’d be there And I believed it when You told me you’d be true And I believed in you Verse 2: I believed it when you said I wasn’t good enough for you When you said that I was fortunate and blessed When you told me, that I was only just an ordinary girl And that you, you were the best Now some time has passed and I know something deep inside my soul I can’t put my trust in ordinary men Your insecurities and hang-ups just confused the truth But now I see With clarity Chorus Bridge: I couldn’t understand why you would say those hurtful things to me Why you would put me down so you could feel so high And I allowed those words to strangle all the life I had in me But they were all just lies And now times have changed and I discern the things that people say Because I know that I am valuable and loved I don’t allow the lack of confidence that held me in my youth I know the truth Verse 3: It’s been a long road in discovering the beauty that is me And even longer is the journey that awaits But with the knowledge that I’m created in the image of our God I am free I’m truly me Chorus x 2 (rubato out)
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