Текст песни Gorillaz - Soldier Boy

Rare Vol.2
Жанр: Electropunk
Исполнитель: Gorillaz
Альбом: Rare Vol.2
Длительность: 02:07
Рейтинг: 735
MP3: Скачать
Загрузил: slipknot2000


If I thought I was right If I thought I was right it would have come To say my name say you're the only one And shine a light on the mouths of fate I'm seeing my chance it might be too late I woke up with a plan it's simple to me What I have in my hand between my teeth Cos I'm thorny inside and soft it up boot if up ready to bow Upside down and very thin tell us when it will begin Through the bloodstream boy meet cages cover up now it's contagious Jigsaw thinking don't fit right Air's too warm my skirt feels tight Order queue and made to wait How I hate being late I was told there would be honey Dreams are reaching for the light If you go down to the woods tonight Soldier boy eyes open You know what to do [Roots] Roll the die looking me your lady's touch In a clutch with the one called Lady Luck If ever she be vexed with me A life you kinda stopped wretchedly Ain't nuthin bigger than the lesson of life itself Arse cracks don't wipe themselves Fast food fast death who's to blame Who put the chemicals in the food chain Take a whiff of my mustant breath Ten pound of squeeze on my silicone breath Pipe dream cast [??] a gene Rock n Roll kick a hole in the tv screen Celebrate with the plastic Gods Modified minds modified fillet of cod Walk the walk don't go no place Talk the talk but they don't say shit
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