Текст песни Apollo Brown - Just Walk

Жанр: Hip-Hop
Исполнитель: Apollo Brown
Альбом: Clouds
Длительность: 00:34
Рейтинг: 615
MP3: Скачать
Загрузил: AndrewCG


[Verse 1] Disrespects a no-no I’m far from a homo I see things coming My heart pump no doze Alpha male ego Refuse to be played Though I’m older in years Some things don’t change Bad habits die hard in regards to Bruce Willis Not a felon, don’t cop pleas for my life, the no killer Don’t vie for the limelight Speaking metaphoric like the Greek god name, I’m Loki For me it’s Been a long time since I popped a pistol Been a long while having street beef as an issue Young niggas, eye fighting, O’s too old for the nonsense Death wish candidates, my .44 will bark at Every now and then a kid try to pull a stunt I tell em think hard before you pose a threat to the god Don’t violate my space cuz if you come into my arms length I’m stealin without breaking a sweat under my armpits [Hook] (Walk on!) You motherfuckers need to just (Walk on!) (Walk on!) My advice for Y'all is (Walk on!) x2 [Verse 2] I’m big in the heart though I’m 5'8" See me, you Schwarzenegger muscle heads don’t mean a thing I don’t scare easily, matter fact All it’ll take is an ice pick to make your big ass fold Poke holes in your sternum This new breed of vermin Need a lesson sometime Like Fishburne in Higher Learning Acquire the street regents on deceiving See most quiet niggas will flip and start beastin Blood drippin down your body, piss, fecal Matters you push, triggered from an oversized ego What you start I finish, where the Popeye talk now? Your cartoon character pipe, and canned spinach, I’m Robert Downey, Sherlock Holmes Describing the déjà vu before it unfolds I advise you to listen and do as you’re told Not what I say, but how I say it In a certain tight tone, keep [Hook] [Verse 3] Everybody now-a-days on that street shit Before I read The Art of War my thoughts was Sun Tzu In my lifetime, won some, lost some, yet it taught me Never puff out your chest prematurely, seeing Many so called martyrs die harder It fueled my pen game, then the rap thing started Hood hero, hate against me close to zero Walked through hoods with respect like Pinero Never been robbed, one deep when I ride Barbershop talk O is live but he always calm An OG like my man’s name My hood pass got a lifetime membership For those too young, under 26 Others put them on, there’s a chance I knew your mom The cons, I knew them all Times are retro, so please don’t try to test ho A warning in advance, I’m giving you a chance, just [Hook]
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