Текст песни Reinxeed - The Final Hour

Жанр: Power Metal
Исполнитель: Reinxeed
Альбом: 1912
Длительность: 04:20
Рейтинг: 718
MP3: Скачать
Загрузил: Tommy-and-L22


(Save us tonight From deep unknown Time's running out This is our final hour) Water's closing in on left and right From every side Nowhere to run or to hide Only a few lifeboats hanging around Others have gone to sea twenty in one Only twelve in the first In Belfast they filled up with sixty men And if you have money to spare Then someone could save your life Only way to find a way out Is to go around the boat And blinded you search for hope Take control of your own life When twenty other people Try to find a way to survive [Chorus:] Save us tonight From deep unknown Time's running out This is the final Death lurks below Nowhere to run This is their final hour Struck by ice in the middle of the night The only thing to do is try to survive when The water draws near Only one degree and if you're lucky maybe two The water will take your life Lifebelts on and you're ready to go You feel now how death crawls nearer Who should we blame, should we blame the ice Or the people who starred the boat? Fifteen hundred people made their grave Out in the water on that night (on that night) Everyone will be remembered See your life it flashes before your eyes [Chorus] [Solo] Save us tonight from deep unknown! Time's running out! This is the final hour! [Chorus 2x]
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