Текст песни Ellie Goulding - Sleepyhead (Starsmith Remix) (Feat. Passion Pit)

Unreleased Tracks
Жанр: Pop
Исполнитель: Ellie Goulding
Альбом: Unreleased Tracks
Длительность: 03:19
Рейтинг: 529
MP3: Скачать
Загрузил: Артемис Фаул


And everything is going to the beat And everything is going to the beat And everything is going And you said It was like fire around the brim Burning solid Burning thin the burning rim Like stars burning holes right through the dark Flicking fire like saltwater into my eyes You were one inch from the edge of this bed I drag you back a sleepyhead, sleepyhead They couldn't think of something to say the day you burst With all their lions and all their might and all their thirst They crowd your bedroom like some thoughts wearing thin Against the walls against your rules against your skin My beard grew down to the floor and out through the doors Of your eyes but go in disguise like a sleepyhead, sleepyhead Your head
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