Текст песни Chris Brown ft. Tyga - Holla At Me

Best Of Car Soundz [CD2]
Жанр: Rap
Исполнитель: Chris Brown ft. Tyga
Альбом: Best Of Car Soundz [CD2]
Длительность: 03:14
Рейтинг: 661
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Chris Brown - Verse 1] Uh, Boom, Boom We ballin’ in the room Sweepin’ up my competition call me Mr. broom knockin’ n-ggas over, call me bulldozer, one more drink for these b-tches and it’s over, cause I’m a strike that something like a cobra, I know she want my venom, but I ain’t gon’ leave it in her, and right after I get her, she know she with a winner, and we straight to the crib, I ain’t takin’ her to dinner, (hah) n-gga look at my jewels, aviator shades I ain’t lookin’ at you, Ah chu, bless me twice, be a rich n-gga I be sh-ttin’ on your life, magazine covers, magneem rubbers, I mean magnum, I don’t f-ck with stragglers, n-ggaz want drama, Gangsta Grillz bastards did you check the caption, lights camera, action [Chorus] Holla at Me Boo, Holla at Me Baby, (x3) I’m Turnt Up, I’m Super Turnt Up [Chris Brown - Verse 2] a n-gga beep beep and shawty toot, toot, blowin’ out their brains, car need a new roof, lookin’ like a superstar, when I roll through and shawty I’m the truth, so mama what it do? now let’s ride out, ain’t no trippin’ when we dippin’ to my hide-out, big dipper cause you sippin’ on my bottle only f-ckin’ with them A-listin’ models, now let’s get it like .. Low fitted if you done it then I did it If you kick it, then I’m with it we can do this sh-t all-night your minute don’t compare to my limit when I’m in it and I get it I’m a give it to you all night, I’m the sh-t yeah I go hard, don’t stand in lines n-gga I bogard Bad boy celebrity cause I’m so large and don’t need no battery cause I’m in charge [Chrous] [Tyga - Verse 3] (Ha) I’m hot mothaf-cka, get a plate b-tch Don’t say sh-t, get your face-lift Rose rich let tha champagne drip, n-ggas swag jack, but this L.A. shit get it back, give it back ain’t ’bout shit, snap back them ain’t even rare, where the tag at, wack-a-s all up in my ear b-tch bag back, I bag bad b-tches muthaf-cka Kat Stacks, yellow n-gga, no cabs Got the phantom out, no mask, get your camera out uh, one flash, hot beams steady shot clap your a-s, Aww, T. raw I’m so ahh, loc’s on, chucks low, black beanie dog, patron top wash straight from the liquor store, I’m turnt up I can’t feel my face, so…
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