Текст песни Rare Earth - Ma

Жанр: Rock
Исполнитель: Rare Earth
Альбом: Ma
Длительность: 17:17
Рейтинг: 1339
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Загрузил: pather_alexiy


(This is the story about the lady that raised me...) Get up! Get out! Well, she was born in a log cabin in the back woods of Blackwood Mississippi She drank moon shine...chews tobacco...raised thirteen children all by herself Never looked much like a lady ...you see - she was too busy providin' and raisin' her babies Spends her evenings sittin' in a rockin' chair Never had much o' nothin', but was always willin' to share! Chorus 1 Ma - Talkin' about Ma, yea! ...Talkin' about my momma Talkin' about Ma, yea! Education? She didn't have none. Never had a sick day in her life Strong girl - and any too good man You better believe it - oh yes she was! Now looky here: Pappa died and momma put her love on the shelf - yes she did She swore up and down on the good book - she would love nobody else Made sure that we were in church every Sunday - "Pappa would've wanted it that way" ...that's what she'd always say Chorus 2 Ma - Talkin' about Ma, yea! ...Talkin' about the lady that raised me Talkin' about Ma, yea! Every once in a while, when Ma would get depressed: She'd go to the closet and Pa's guitar Sit herself down in the rockin' chair start hummin' and strummin'... Ha ha, YEA! Looky here ya'll: That was Ma's way of lettin' off steam In plain old english we could see that Ma was doin' her thing Every once in a while she'd shout: waaAAAA - Let It All Hang Out! Chorus 3 Ma - Talkin' about Ma, yea! Ma - Talkin' about Ma, yea! Talkin' about the Lady that raised me Talkin' about Ma, yea! Get up! Get out! Give it to me...give it to me... WaaAAAA...!
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