Текст песни Randy Bush - Sounds Like A Melody (Club Mix)

Randy Bush
Жанр: Eurodance
Исполнитель: Randy Bush
Альбом: Randy Bush
Длительность: 04:33
Рейтинг: 685
MP3: Скачать
Загрузил: ANNDYSS


It's a trick of my mind Two faces bathing in the screenlight She's so soft and warm in my arms I tune it into the scene My hands are resting on her shoulders When we're dancing away for a while Oh we're moving, we're falling, We step into the fire By the hour of the wolf in a midnight dream There's no reason to hurry Just start that brand new story Set it alight, we're head over heels in love, Head over heels... The ringing of your laughter It sounds like a melody To once forbidden places We'll go for a while It's the definite show Our shadows resting in the moonlight It's so clear and bright in your eyes It's the touch of your sighs My lips are resting on your shoulder When we're moving so soft and slow We need the extasy, the jealousy, The comedy of love Like the Cary Grants and Kellys once before Give me more tragedy, more harmony And phantasy, my dear And set it alight, just starting that satellite
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