Текст песни Busta Rhymes - Flipmode Squad Meets Def Squad

The Coming
Жанр: Rap
Исполнитель: Busta Rhymes
Альбом: The Coming
Длительность: 08:11
Рейтинг: 2098
MP3: Скачать
Загрузил: Partizan


Verse One: Jamal Taking you to the other terrain, we mash strictly for the cream Here to kill your whole scene and your motherfuckin team Little 'Mal, the raw dawg, I know you heard of me You probably know some bitch niggaz who wanna murder me Busta Reggie Murray Ramp and Mercy's all we need for disaster For me the microphone master Look, I crash ya, bash ya skull Fucky with Mally G if you're trying to take a fall Niggaz talk about killin and never get to it Fuck the yappin, be true to it, do it Steady scream about your East and your West side But you ain't in it when it comes to the homicide Niggaz better get up off that bullshit quick Caught up in the limelight gettin way too slick See em at the shows bout to rock they shit off Gettin they peeps fucked up cause they block is soft As for terror, I sever the best of MC's Look, little Mally G trippin off these indo trees About to murder label's jerkin but mercy us Def Squad niggaz prophesize like the Perseus Droppin degrees to zero with flatlines Kill your whole entourage off with just one rhyme One rhyme... one rhyme... just one rhyme I don't give a fuck I kill em with just one rhyme Woo, hah, heh, yahah, you wish that you could get with this Terrorist, lyricist, for your era it's My time to shine and I'm still payin dues And I'ma be famous on either rap or the news, motherfucker I only tell you nothin but the real it's tight up in the struggle tryin to get this fuckin meal, why? Niggaz act shifty so I shift a long three tri three chrome, it's the same ol song I seen the shades and the suedes from afar Pah But hold up do you know who I are? The M-A-Double, you want trouble you got it the spot is on You blot it I got it then shot it it's hot up in your dome Peace with the chrome piece that I pack Remember fuck around and catch a Mack to your back Verse Two: Redman Who the fuck I be I, you cannot see I Flabbergasted, blasted, my Magnum P.I. Oops I lie, I got a cannon bout the size of Grand Canyon I'm prime time, giving MC's Knots Landing Duck, heavens to fuckin Merkatroid I drop noise that employs the unbelievable Recline like receding hairline, crime speaks fine with a nine pull line blind keep mines up my sleeve until you start to quiver, metabolism splits rivers I rock so many broads I leave your entourage tender Like bartenders mix liquor I serve you over the rocks, I feed you to my flock, now time to click triggers Manslaughter in alphabetical order for four quarters raw water turn sons to grandaughters Ah ha ha ha ha! I bring trouble where, you sleep So I double dare to bust you in your bubble bear, coat Antidotes cause gunsmoke in Tokyo MC's dosey do your mics up in this rodeo My star roast em up by the thousands, millions, quadrillions Shuttin down national state buildings with high ceilings Funk Doc to the spot freeze Creepin on MC's like Vietnamese in army fatigues Def Squad representer Hit yo' ass up from the bottom when you enter Verse Three: Keith Murray Hey yo once a crack head, always a tack head You have no craftibility all that shit you talk is dead As sex drugs and violence, balance the scales of reality Y'all don't want no parts of Keith Murray I'm nicety and sheisty, I get that ass iced deliciously Niggaz ain't shit to me (word up) You stupid niggaz always got somethin smart to say And probably can't even spell TWA My crew is like police pull up and park anywhere (ERRRRR) Jump out and get it on right then and there (whassup whassup??) Niggaz is pussy and ways and actions show it Most of y'all niggaz dead, and don't even know it And Def Squad L.O.D. for life (word up, yeah fuck your life) Act trife I'll let my dog cold fuck your wife Interlude: Announcer Aiyyo, you just heard the sound
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