Текст песни Ricky Martin - If You Ever Saw Her

Sound Loaded
Жанр: Pop / Dance-Pop
Исполнитель: Ricky Martin
Альбом: Sound Loaded
Длительность: 03:47
Рейтинг: 1071
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Загрузил: vendetta1794


She’s got a look in her eye That says she knows why Just to taste her is never enough She gets a thrill outta lovin’ And watching you suffering She says you can look but You don’t touch So don’t go fooling yourself Like so many others Who’ve fallen for only a smile But if you’re in it for the ride Hold on tight Chorus Oh and if you ever saw her Well, she’s every dream girl from Monroe to Madonna You’ll swear she walks on water She’s so fine Oh and if you ever kissed her Well, I tell you my friend, you could Never resist her And if you ever saw her, you’d Know why She holds your heart in her hand She’ll make you a man But she’ll play you however she wants Just when you think you are winning Your head starts a spinning You open your eyes and she’s gone So don’t believe you’re the one Don’t think that this dream is forever It’s only a game But if you are in it for the ride Hold on tight Adios, and kiss your heart goodbye Repeat chorus Know why, you’d know why She’s an atom bomb and she’s waiting To blow you away Away, you better run for cover and Pray Adios, kiss your heart goodbye Repeat chorus
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