Текст песни Kataklysm - Once... Upon Possession (Chapter II - Legacy Of Both Lores)

Жанр: Death Metal
Исполнитель: Kataklysm
Альбом: Sorcery
Длительность: 02:38
Рейтинг: 505
MP3: Скачать
Загрузил: Falkon


In fiery of my wake! The forces of light... Strike my being to dissipate the Evil... Affection, that was displayed... Upon my soul. To prevent, eternal nights... Upcoming days of regression. Like those past... Previously? And before me... YOU! My images have You given order to the dead... TURN BACK! My images have You seen with the dead... TURN BACK! My images You thrown to the side of the dead... TURN BACK! My images have You thrown to the ground of the dead... TURN BACK! My images have You enclosed with walls... TURN BACK! All l~il) Images... My images have You locked into the gate of the wall... TURN BACK! My images have You given order to the god of fire... TURN BACK! The undead spell was repelled... The reflection is clearly me. But that smell was not actually gone? I hasten myself in the basement. Without looking, what is to be found? In those disgusting chambers... It is dark... I'm afraid of what lies beyond... (I come towards You...) I enter the front in face of me! And couldn't see my path... It is windy... A void of impurity! (Once... Upon possession) A presence of shadowing life... Imminent is near me! It is... It is... Inside me. (Screams in utter darkness... The grief of being possessed!) Execration of the wind blows... The Dark engulfs me into Its shadow... To fall endlessly? Precipiated in the chasm. Extends my burning soul! Absorbes my flame... Has it makes His rest in me! The black lurks my vitality. Stun by the night! My chakras are possessed... The Behemoth enables Its cocoon witin! It is... It is... Inside Me
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