Текст песни D12 - Chance To Advance

The Underground
Жанр: Rap
Исполнитель: D12
Альбом: The Underground
Длительность: 05:11
Рейтинг: 437
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Загрузил: margumit


[Proof:] Pow-pow! Straight off the corral Now, the dirtiest street vet from the mile Is vexed without the techs and six shooter Body bullet polluter, perverted intruder Now who the, fuck wanna buck with the diseased, that's dis-eased I got a bitch named trigger, my main-squeeze will make your brain freeze Dirty D is dope like cane [Eye-Kyu:] Remained eased, maintain chill status with no pause Hot slugs to your carriages, turn your dome to coleslaw My only thought is survival before my arrival I'm jumping out on niggas like I'm 5-0 Smack 'em up like a pack of trifling fly hoes Any opportunity to mangle I never pass up Fucking your clique with broom sticks - face down, ass up Dirty Dozen packing the shit to turn your chest red With our dick in ya mouth, fucking everything you just said [Eminem:] Yeah yeah bitch, coming to a block near you is Dirty Dozen Nasty like a stank, slut bitch with 30 husbands When I was 5 I was already fuckin' And playing X-rated cassettes in Teddy Ruxpin I used to walk up and down the block cussin' Locked in youth homes at 6 with glocks bussin' I grew up with not ballers, who got dollars Shot callers with guns and Rotwillers [Bizarre:] By any means necessary I'm on a killing spree It's the devil in me, intoxicated with brown Hennessy Beware life ain't fair and I don't care Cher braids my hair while her kids are in day-care Two blunts and I'm out for lunch Your whore said I'm here "Sugar pie, honey bunch" This Bizarre kid, that ain't the answer You're more uncomfortable than an anorexic cat with fucking cancer [Chorus:] Here's your chance to advance Get in your stance I'll shot the holster off your cowboy pants Here's your chance to advance Get in your stance I'll shot the holster off your cowboy pants Here's your chance to advance Get in your stance I'll shot the holster off your cowboy pants Here's your chance to advance Get in your stance I'll shot the holster off your cowboy pants [Bizarre:] Back from the studio boy, I don't wanna mingle Smoking LSD, working on Lou Roths new single Who's the big guy who's quick like Sugar Ray Fuck Calgon bitch, Bizarre might take you away Give up the pussy cause I know you a freak ?? in a week, cause my kids got to eat Date raping anorexic girls in my beat-up car (Hold up Bizarre, you taking that shit too far!!!) but I can't stop cause my brains ain't there [Eminem:] Bust a nut then drop that bitch in Lake St. Clair Your mistakes ain't rare, your rap style annoys You rap like a bitch plus I can't stand your voice Bitch you suck, you whack as fuck, eat a dick You need a brick upside your dome, we be the clique Runnin' you down in carloads Leaving you smashed down on tar roads, flat line like barcodes [Eye-Kyu:] Put up your guard hoes, I'm blazing heat the way we speak Not even Nike could cover these amazing feats Burning rappers eternally, internally and externally For half stepping like one-legged fraternities Quickdraw McGraw, AKA Eye-Kyu Putting something inside you, leaving holes that I see right through For anyone obstructing my view, my art of attack Is slugs through your chest, that'll blow your heart out your back Making sure you get fed, with a whole lot of led And throw you over the Ambassador Bridge and scream "Drop Dead!" [Proof:] Largely, I'm out to stack equations, without a tax-evasion Make moms say "That's amazing," all the same like black and Asian My pack evasion, attack a stage and you blush like a Cadillac, I wish your fleet would try to battle rap, Or make a man bleed, like a cattle pack stampede Front and co-sign my hands leave Think to Recognize like Sam Sneed My ?? dispose
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