Текст песни D12 - 6 Reasons

The Underground
Жанр: Rap
Исполнитель: D12
Альбом: The Underground
Длительность: 04:20
Рейтинг: 782
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Загрузил: margumit


[Proof] You wish that you could bear me black D12 standing back No planning that Def methods, we got a hand in that Whoever run this shit You get a jammed knee cap Make the healthy get sick And your fam handicapped You a fan of rap My clan attack Your school, home, your bitch house Pull my nine milli You gon' die with your fist out Him an his It's over with Venom is this cobra spit Agressive dialect with agressive Sober bitch My bionic fires demonish atlonics Demonic is tainted chronic Impossible to hold down like vomit Mics I palm it You stay to bomb it Like tourists that's Islamic I enter your atmosphere like a comet The new god of rap Call me nigga Thor Snap your back When I slap your ass in a figure four From miles around they can feel it's lethal I make hardcore groups like Wu Tang Look like the Village People (fags) No sequel The general let the senistal Abort your mind state and kill your inner child [Bizarre] It's been a while Since you bitch niggas heard of me Cuz the last six months I been doing R&B But now I'm on some sick shit Niggas better duck quick You don't know who you're fucking with I'll leave you niggas breathless Seeing me and Bugz rolling in the blue hummer You a bitch, scared to shoot like Lindsay Hunter Don't need to be a father Cuz I'm just to illmatic I'll probably poison my kids Like flowers in the alley Fuck your anorexic neglects it Fuck a Lexus I'm doing drivebys on XXX BMX's [Bugz] I know a girl who said she's prio And her sign is a Leo Bugzy fucked her in a Regal And then she took me to my P.O. Fuck rollin' ceelo I'm down to a c-note Lost a g' rollin' dice at that punk ass casino But fuck it (shit) cuz when times get bad See me and drag with the mags On unsuspecting fags (bitch) I gotta shoot Bitch you got the boot And hurry up with it I'm trying to catch this prostitute (I got ten) [Kuniva] I'm the nigga that spotted ya Spit something hot at ya Rip your Nautica Saw you backstage and shot at ya And kill subliminally You can go on And spin your group name 25 times in one song I'll still write about you Hip hop is better off without you Blowing niggas outta they bathrobes And funky house shoes For the hell of it I fuck Missy Elliott Don't give a fuck if her belly gets In my way, I'm still nailing it Got this verbal tech nine Spitting at you for telling shit Get this dead body off the mic I'm fuckin smelling it [Kon Artis] Fuck it Let's have a scrub out Fuck around with us and see what happen We all got them guns blappin Got y'all niggas back tracking Ya, we dump bodies in seashores Busting DJs over they backs with keyboards Turn up my levels Your crew is fruitier than pebbles Changin you razor back MCs to running trebles Bust up Kon Artis, quick to smack your slut up Keep a pack of rubbers Just in case I gotta nutt up Brigade style hold 'em out down That's how it's meant to be You kick the same shit Your whole tape sound like a symphony Don't say shit to me It's DP carry your daughter Talking bitches outta they panties Dollars and last quarters Like that horsemen I'll leave your whack crowns hutless Watch Defarius come to my show And leave dreadless Whoever said this slash rapper and producer Wouldn't make your head twist Guard your grill and your necklace [Chorus] I got 6 reasons why we keep shit coming Dirty Dozen left niggas running for cover Hiding behind your lovers Skirting off peeling rubber As we shout "DON'T FUCK WITH DIRTY DOZEN" 6 reasons why keep shit coming Dirty Dozen left niggas running for cover Hiding behind your lovers S
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