Текст песни Shivaree - Flycatcher

Rough Dreams
Жанр: Folk-Rock
Исполнитель: Shivaree
Альбом: Rough Dreams
Длительность: 02:44
Рейтинг: 585
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Загрузил: Leolove


Drop me off here love See you tomorrow Smell like a raindrop Look like a girl I'll cover the bug bites Watch for your headlights We'll give the dream a whirl If you're such a kity Where's all my money You're young and you're pretty And you're lazy enough You're one in a dozen I hope there's a buzzin Bee there inside your cuff Go on down to China Town And have yourself a meal Spin the cookies when your done They'll tell you how I feel 'Cause everybody's tryin' to get into heaven But nobody's dead so far Strech and you listen Sparkle and glisten You dance in the kitchen Looking for clues A wonderful meeting But when you're done eating Don't you forget your shoes Call yourself a taxi cab And save the receipt for me Tell the bouncer you're my friend He might let you in for free 'Cause everybody's trying....
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