Текст песни Modest Mouse - Blame It On The Tetons

Good News For People who love bad News
Жанр: Alternative Rock
Исполнитель: Modest Mouse
Альбом: Good News For People who love bad News
Длительность: 05:25
Рейтинг: 428
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Загрузил: Leolove


Blame it on the Tetons Yeah I need a scapegoat now No my dog won't bite you Though it had the right to You oughta give her credit Cuz she knows I would've let it happen Blame it on the weekends God I need a Cola now Oh we mummble loudly We wear our shame so proudly Wore our blank expressions Tryin' to look interesting Blame it all on me Cuz God I need a cold one now All of them eager actors Gladly taking credit For the lines created By the people tucked away from sight Is just a window From the room we're bound to If you find a way out Oh would you just let me know how Would you just let me know how Blame it on the web but The spider's your problem now A language is the liquid That we're all dissolved in Great for solving problems After it creates a problem Blame it on the Tetons God I need a scapegoat now Everyones a building burning With no one to put the fire out Standing at the window looking out Waiting for time to burn us down Everyones a ocean drowning With no one really to show how They might get a little better Air if they turned themselves into a cloud
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