Текст песни My Morning Jacket - Circuital

Жанр: Indie Rock
Исполнитель: My Morning Jacket
Альбом: Circuital
Длительность: 07:19
Рейтинг: 888
MP3: Скачать
Загрузил: -K1LLa-


Spinning out, gracefully Going nowhere, quickly I am older, day by day Still going back to my childhood way Circuital Round and round patiently Getting lost by the guide And I'm all worked up over nothing Circuits All in and out Connect my body Deep into the ground Circuits Connect the Earth to the moon And link our heavenly bodies Not a moment too soon Well you can fling open the windows Or you can board them up Saints to a crown Or Christ’s humble cup You think you'll find yourself out there Out in the lion’s den In somebody's battle Over belief systems Or disappear into the vacuum Total neutrality Well you can't lose nothing But nothing can be gained Well anyway you cut it We're just spinning around Out on the circuits Over the hollow grounds Out on the circuits Over the hollow grounds Heading right back in the same place That we started out Right back in the same place Right back in the same place That we starting out
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