Текст песни Chicharones - Little By Little

NBA 2K11 - OST
Жанр: Hip-Hop
Исполнитель: Chicharones
Альбом: NBA 2K11 - OST
Длительность: 03:20
Рейтинг: 2795
MP3: Скачать
Загрузил: Nekish27


[Chorus] Little by little by little by little I’m going crazy Little by little by little by little I’m going crazy [Verse 1: Sleep] In reality I’m just an average Joe with a simple life No American idol but I get by Wish I could tour with Fifth Wheel bus Back to the real world, time to wake up Smell antifreeze ? with big brother Bad to me, I’ve got a blind date with destiny A Mexican, what an amazing race I get to be Most days are wickedly perfect Making me nervous, I’m a survivor The last on the planet deserted Pass the word like a ten thousand dollar pyramid scheme Changing the face of the game like a ? medical team ? troopers are supreme losers Press your luck with Sleep, go home the biggest loser I’ll have the last laugh like the last comic standing Making the band play as you walk off stage empty handed And I’m taking home America’s next top model Back to the bachelor pad, show her some longfellow [Chorus x 2] [Verse 2: Josh Martinez] Little by little grow a little more bitter Sit down in my chair like a grown man sitting down to dinner Where’s my newspaper, boy? Dog, fetch me my slippers Feed me, do the dishes, if you need me I’m in the shitter With everybody so emo everyone expects emotion While I’m holding onto longterm solution for that notion That everything must go, must be shown off, be banned Be thrown into the lions as if the crowd cared Some are born like us, more important like them Some’ll live to the fullest, some’ll die in the system Just trying to live the ? So where’s my welfare? Where’s my healthcare? Where’s my sandwich? There’s my sandwich So, spin doctors spinning, old white men grinning ? end to its bidding Can you think of a single thing that you’ve done That’s meant anything at all? I know I’ll gladly take the fall I was going in circles till I hit the wall I’m absolutely sure one day I’ll settle down Find a special spot, pascal and some mes tabs Got trees growing, got a flower garden going Couple herbs for the cooking, couple more for the smoking Got a hammock for the swing and fresh tomatoes for the salad That’ll compliment the burgers straight cookin on the grill Still I drink myself stupid, can’t walk home alone Need a shoulder to lean on, i need a cold beer It’s my meal ticket, if I could keep living on beer to get Time’s ticking like weed in your mind and you don’t get it No ace in the hole and the weight of the game Is breaking your soul, keep changing the game Keep playing the role Keep telling my family short like ? Just let it linger, hard to pick up teeth with broken fingers And I humbled myself till I was hollow inside But no more, I get this ? you can swallow my pride [Chorus]
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