Текст песни Phantasia - Violet Skies

Techno Sonic Volume 1
Жанр: Techno
Исполнитель: Phantasia
Альбом: Techno Sonic Volume 1
Длительность: 05:51
Рейтинг: 648
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Загрузил: vadosss555


I've come down from the violet skies to save the day I'm about to reveal the tales of your life Too many secrets are locked inside your minds But you're all equal in life, equal in love You're all building castles in the sky, dreaming of a better world Is there life on Mars you wonder, as you look up into the heavens above There is Come aboard my ship, my dream machine We'll fly through galaxies To a place you call Heaven We will leave the moon and the sun behind us And the North Star will be our guide We can't get lost on this trip We will pass Jupiter and Mars on our way to destiny It's easy We don't need wings to get there Just close your eyes, we'll make it Together Come aboard my ship and I'll take you where time and space are one We've come a long way to leave earth There's no turning back We're passing the planet of doom The reincarnation of evil The ressurected of the grave Pain! I pray to God Have mercy upon Thy people Lead them not to endless pain Bless them with Your holy spirit Thank you Lord, for hearing my prayer The dream is over But was it a dream? It's okay to open your eyes now The journey has ended
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