Текст песни Drapht - Rapunzel

The Life Of Riley
Жанр: Hip-Hop
Исполнитель: Drapht
Альбом: The Life Of Riley
Длительность: 03:23
Рейтинг: 657
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Загрузил: the_con


Verse 1: Check it out ah, Ya, Ya From the moment we met, I was breathless and not asbestos breathless either, Always, When you least expect it, Stumble across Rapunzel a Libra, Couldn’t leave, I had to meet her, Greet the girl of my dreams with a kiss on the hand, What up? Little magnificant missing a man, Ran away, Like kids to a van (YEAH!) So gorgeous, Walking on water, Sort of like Erin McNaught, But little shorter, Wore a pandora, Bought her a charm, Wasn’t short of thought – Bit of Paul on her arm, Calling for calm, We fought, Made Iraq and the border of Jordan a walk in the park, Jaws of a shark, Too hard to break it off, Fall apart, So I’d say: CHORUS: Rapunzel, Gotta let your hair down, Girl, Gotta let your hair down, I’m tired of fighting, We ain’t going nowhere now Rapunzel, Gotta let your hair down, Girl, Gotta let your hair down, Why we trying? We ain’t going nowhere now VERSE 2: And even she could see, Her love was like a demolition derby, I was Herbie, The lovebug, Swerving, Yeah, ‘Cause I work on the road, She was like Russell the Crow, A jerk with her phone! Know that I don’t wanna fight – Another night, Chewing off my ear, Like Mike, Another night ruined, I knew it, Knew you would do it, Scream when I’m out, Like Hewitt, You were the one, You were the runaway, Like underlay, underlay, Then break it off, But come running back, Like baby, I want you back, But don’t call me that, Now baby, Baby, Baby, Don’t call me Baby-Baby, I said, Baby-Baby, Don’t call me baby, Baby-Baby
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