Текст песни Ill Bill ft. Vinnie Paz - Devils Rebels (feat. Crypt The Warchild)

Heavy Metal Kings
Жанр: Underground Rap
Исполнитель: Ill Bill ft. Vinnie Paz
Альбом: Heavy Metal Kings
Длительность: 03:26
Рейтинг: 701
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Загрузил: the_con


[** feat. Crypt the Warchild:] [Intro:] Outside the 83rd precinct station house members of the Devils Rebels threatened to kill the police who were holding the three gang members. Some of the police ignored the gang's taunts but others did not* [Verse 1: ~I'll Bill~] I be the triple six OG homie, melt you like cheese on pepperoni Death to phonies, the resurrection of Tony Like Dr. Malachi York in his hayday I'm Dre Day My brains spray like Jeru when he dropped on Payday My brainwaves are rocket ships and space planes Better yet freight trains, better yet AKs Rainy days make me think about my grandmother and my uncle in the jungle With a bundle and the junkie gets the hunger When the humble seen the rumbles in the big park Cats'll run up on you for a parka, my projects was Clive Barker It was markers, monsters, and conquerors Corner liquor store robberies, shoot-outs in front of my school constantly Kicking over displays in the Milky Way the filthy way Fuck around you catch a buck-fifty in your face 57-14 Farragut, don't ever come around here on no motherfucking f****t shit Beat you in the face with the ratchet kid Leave you resting in peace on some forever after shit We them Heavy Metal Kings, let the hammers click Ready to handle shit, we talented homie, hand me that banana clip [Verse 2: Vinnie Paz] This is books of blood, nothing surrounding me but crooks and thugs Drinking forties, smoking wakata cooking drugs My shit harder than liquor that you would put in pubs I got Sierra ballistics that you could put in plugs I put my hand on the Bible, lie to the judge I didn't even mean to be high but I was I guess it's just a procedure to ride with my thugs I guess I'm just a believer in God just above Yeah run up on your car for cream Alauddin on his deen y'all know what I mean I ain't fucking with small shit, only thorough heaters The ice grill get you robbed, Sergio Martinez Your whole clique a bunch of broads, y'all all divas Y'all on some Kanye f****t shit, all skeezers I always handle the rock, y'all all defence Dim Mak hit your chest, your heart weakens [Verse 3: Crypt The Warchild] We critically acclaimed, lyrically we reign Clinically insane, Heavy Metal King, Official Pistol Gang I distribute pain, what seems to be the issue man? My main issue is y'all lame, we ain't the same So we ain't on the same page, we a different book You's a gimmick, type-gay, that's a different look Trust nobody, loyalty is forbidden So when a nigga turn his back Paz four-fifth him Everybody rah rah I just say they talk But never sneak the fifty on me like I'm AJ Hawk Killadel, Pistolvan, let the melee spark They barely scratching the surface, how they claim they sharp? Temple of doom, goon platoon, we just take their heart Your shit is terrible, your excuse? You claim it's art My presence in the vocal booth is like that of God I try to school them but society is brainwashed Read more at
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