Текст песни Mnemic - Tattoos

Mechanical Spin Phenomena
Жанр: Metalcore / Industrial Metal / Groove Metal
Исполнитель: Mnemic
Альбом: Mechanical Spin Phenomena
Длительность: 06:37
Рейтинг: 663
MP3: Скачать
Загрузил: ProBoris


What the fuck is wrong with you? Depressed again or just gone insane again? Don't know what it is but I can't stand it anymore. I'm strugglin? to cope. Showing off again? See my scars and tattoos? I wear mine on the inside. A constant annoyment in a moment that already scares me and everyone else. Is that what you want? A concentrated glass bowl of despair, panic and sorrow. I fuckin? wear mine on the inside. I still need to ask a question though, because I fuckin? need to know. What's your definition of arrogance? Is that what's shining through? Try to break me down. I'm immune to your disease. Look into my eyes and the take one step back, please. Execute deception. All pathetic and depraved. There'll be no exception as to where my words are engraved. No relief, an everlasting mind in peace. Reality doesn't hurt me, but it will hurt you again. Pain inflicted, sentence convicted. I don't need to see this through. Easy solution made from hard confusion. I think you know the end. No relief, an everlasting mind in peace. Reality doesn't hurt me, but it will hurt you again. Conquer the same old past. I don't regret that anger it seem to last in me. You say I'm sick. I'm just confused to why my mind seems so abused. I'm not. I need to take on myself. Only to teach myself. Is that's what's hurting you now. I will be hurting you now. No matches as my eye it catches your unable to see. No regrets. I'm taking all bets all arranged by me. In time you will see truth.
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