Текст песни Good Charlotte - East Coast Anthem

Good Charlotte
Жанр: Pop-Punk
Исполнитель: Good Charlotte
Альбом: Good Charlotte
Длительность: 02:27
Рейтинг: 1701
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Загрузил: kokos


Walking on the streets of D.C., On the eastcoast where I live, You say what's the problem What's with this angry kid You don't like the way I walk, Or the way I talk, Or the way I swing my hands, You don't like the words I speak, or the thoughts I think And I know you'll understand (Chorus)-You know On the eastcoast, we ride until we die You know, Well there's a place inside my mind, Yeah a place you'll never find, There's a place inside my mind, We'll leave today Wouldn't it be perfect if I could sit with you? And we would change a thing or 2, we would change a thing or 2, We would change the way you think, we would change the way I think, We can't change the way they think so we're not changin' anything (Chorus) On the eastcoast we ride, until the day we die
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