Текст песни Ten Years After - Losing The Dogs

Ten Years After (Their First Album)
Жанр: Blues Rock
Исполнитель: Ten Years After
Альбом: Ten Years After (Their First Album)
Длительность: 03:02
Рейтинг: 1364
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Загрузил: trooper64


Ah....Let me hear it now! All...right! Well you work the day sweatin' while you're tryin' to earn your bread, ha! Well you gotta work hard man, knock yourself dead - haooww! Well you wanna drink of water, man you ain't got time to stop Alright - the man said it's better for ya workin' til you drop, work on! Well you're workin' for the boss man all the day long The trouble with my life is I lived it all wrong, hey! - Lived it wrong baby Hey-oh, ya gotta make it work - gotta make it soon, oh-yeah I only gotta wait til there ain't no moon - hey! You gotta lose the dogs and keep a runnin' on, hey-yeah When you wake up in the mornin', baby I'll be gone - I'm gone! Well I live a life of ease - well I ain't got no pain They're never gonna get me on the farm again Ain't workin' like a dog - aw.....ain't workin' nowhere - alright! Hah.......Yeah.......I'm on a slave gang.......Oh! Oh yeah, yea.....eah, alright - I'm gonna tell you something - oh yeah, Well I'm lying by myself and I'm thinking about my wife - yeah, ha, ha! The last time I saw her she was lying on my knife - and that's a fact! I tried to make it runnin' but they caught me next day - mercy! The world is in my cell, and I'm wastin' time away Well I don't know why I bother boy, I don't know why I care The preacher's been to see me, and I'm going to the chair - ha, ha See if I care, burn me up! Alright, I'll get 'em back someday! No more work for me man - I won't have a care!
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