Текст песни Nine - Every Man 4 Himself

Cloud Nine
Жанр: Gangsta Rap
Исполнитель: Nine
Альбом: Cloud Nine
Длительность: 03:12
Рейтинг: 597
MP3: Скачать
Загрузил: SmokeDogg


Born alone die alone guess whos on the microphone *Project Nigga* Deep voice put your boots on Come take a walk down the alley with the gat enter my cypher where everythings black the rap makes me act the beast I attack from every angle I bring pain sharp as the blade on Excalibur quiet as a silencer I challenge ya Meet me at sundown or after school bring your tools ain't no fuckin rules dont snooze on loose still on the hip 30 shots to put you in your place dont chase dreams chase paper you on your own never fuck around with the next mans caper I hate ya fakers with the passion I'm crashin your party Dark Mask forever fuckin up everybody I be the nigga on the corner rollin dice drinkin 'til I drop duckin from my cop got me on the run like a slave thru the fields no protection no cover no shields I feels like a soldier stuck behind enemy lines in the world of man evil 'cause man ain't kind everybodys trife in their own way gun play the back ready to react 'n clap the weak dont stand a chance dont even clance or look the wig is where you get your life took I read the book of survival lible to become homicidal get the wealth every man for himself chorus: run get the loot grab the ball shoot sink the last cop get increased the bankroll gotta put the ball in the hole every man for himself first one get the gold (nigga) run get the loot grab the ball shoot sink the last cop get increased the bankroll gotta put the ball in the mutthafucking hole every man for himself first one get the gold My mentality is somewhere between arrmageddon and apocalypse no matter how hot it gets You cant trap me fuck Gulliane and Potacki the death penalty dont scare me I went from homeless junkie to a drunken-monkey-makin-money-gettin-funky I dont know fear I pour beer on the curb Puff herb drink liquor to get my swerve fuck what you heard 'n what you said the lead will put end to those who pretend to be my friend I get loose like leeth everyday a new beef dont say peace unless you mean it your shit is dirty clean it before I decorate yo' face with cuts and scars what remains gets blown to Mars and the Stars we are the ill 'n the physical steady hittin you after brew I aint kiddin you I aint bullshittin' you bisquit, see the bisquit before it's spit 2 to the head, 2 to the chest, 1 to the hip, backflip Oh Shit! can't afford to catch another body hit the Mimini with the .22 and be outti 5000 I'm housin like Projects I mean experiments home of the witch chicks buy the lex buy the benx now you got more friends sex 'n chicken head henz My ends run long like Don Silver try to taxin' be floatin' in the river donate your liver look over your shoulder watch your back get the wealth everyman for his mutthafuckin' self
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