Текст песни ScHoolboy Q - Situations

Жанр: West Coast Rap
Исполнитель: ScHoolboy Q
Альбом: Setbacks
Длительность: 04:25
Рейтинг: 445
MP3: Скачать
Загрузил: mir70b8


[Verse 1:SchoolBoy Q] I got bitches on my right, gangstas on my left Everybody fully loaded better watch your step You keep running your mouth, or I'm hiding where you slept Bet you be hog-tied and die for fucking with a red Do this for my niggas, bet they say it's worth it So I don't leave the studio not until it's perfect Can't you see I'm grinding, can't you see I'm working Down to give this motherfuck the life and that's for certain Sipping on that lean, same color as Easter This weed Halloween, hi It's nice to meet ya Checking out my steelo, it's on another Couple hundred kilo, spend it with my brother [Hookx2] I got a hundred mothafuckers and it's cracking (crack) Everybody do know my situation was happening (happen) Bitches on my right, gangstas on my left Everybody wave your rag around and bang the set [Verse 2:SchoolBoy Q] I got money in my wallet, money in my pocket Burner in my hand, so you better watch it Bitch, I am the man tryna make a profit Hope you understand, nigga what's ya logic? Sagging in my jeans because I'm gutta Fresh as Listerine, and still I'm gutta Bitch I'm bout my paper, I'm bout that butter Roll me up a blunt, time for another Everybody paper chasin', working on a situation Giving bitches penetration, Houston rocking, got it popping Niggas like to catch a fade ever seen a nigga drop Coup the wrap, pollute the block Cock it back then shoot the cop Flee the scene then get the cream Then go split it with my team Live my life and live it right Shit I'm the homie with a mic The homies out here ain't nice Earn they stripes, serving white Shaving coke, nigga what you living for? [Hookx2] Nigga finally on another page Glock forty or the gauge (fade) Hit a nigga with a blade, lay down, blocka Then go around, blocka Then another, take cover, black zip covers Pass the deacon speakin', say the briefing I know I left that nigga leaking I know I coulda let him slide But shit I'd rather slide a nigga Forty-five a nigga Shots will dive inside a nigga Clean and sanitize a nigga Smooth operator, Under-layer Fast forward them shots and those who play us Got love for my haters And garcia Vegas I put a dub in that it keeps my mind free of mazes See my rhymes still amazes Amazing ass nigga here to lick and pass nigga Scheme ass on blast nigga You say you doing bad, nigga what you lying for Better get your chopper and then turn this bitch to Rambo Meanwhile [Hookx2]
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