Текст песни Killarmy - Universal Soldiers

Silent Weapons For Quiet Wars
Жанр: Rap
Исполнитель: Killarmy
Альбом: Silent Weapons For Quiet Wars
Длительность: 04:14
Рейтинг: 444
MP3: Скачать
Загрузил: Stinkin_Masta


"what is your style and what is your clan? " "the soldier, and uses military style." "oh? so there may be a war." [killa sin] Universal soldiers Yo, yo Automatically I reign supreme, laser beam tracks and graze your brain Hit your spleen, ricochet and decay, exit clean Find a lies, cries, complies Close your eyes soldier’s lies Look beyond the skies though the soul roll with pride A few brave unmilitant names who misbehave Killarmy style rushin the stage in jiggy waves The killa bee ministry forms another industry Physically recoffin and killin any savage mentally Solidify negative vibes are liquified by the masses Prolly find them bastards in gaseous regiment For stampedin in all illified elements Universal soldiers, combine the sacred seven men [dom pachino] In the industries enemies tryin to diminish me Finish me, mercenaries go on a killin spree The art of war, plannin a siege is risky Like an armed struggle, shots flingin doubles and they missed me Cause I’m immune to tight situations Manuverin is my formation to different locations If I get caught then I been gotten That means the plan I was plottin wasn’t stable I gotta go back to the drawing table And start from scratch rearranging the whole map Changin the blueprints, make sure no one’s been tapped In fact son, that must’ve been the problem Take the horns off the hook, we gonna do this deal solemn In us we trust and when the narcs came and rushed Ain’t no time to discuss, grab our God jewels and bust Cause I roll with the unit, 360 degrees Tight like an ovary, ain’t no more casualties Bein reputed, we sever reign undisputed [shogun assasson] Yo kill to protect and arm myself with intellect Life is on edge cause I serve at the dude in the army I come with the new wu order and documented notes The battlesite, planet earth, stabbin niggas quotes Attack the wilderness like a virus Planted with no anidotes There is no immunity Wagin war on the devil’s community Zero in and I catch a vision I see a valley of men castin weight on those who did sins 19 million strong, appear in your atmosphere in military gear Camouflaged commandos, outlaws, desperados take the world by storm Operation come and attack devil city Seek and destroy illumination The worship of light, skull and bones was the devil’s hope Twelve whipped cardinals and one pope [9th prince] Yo arabian knights killarmy left on the battlefield Warfare’s revealed Soldiers sport navy seals for pella fighter in armored jet planes I burn hotter than propane Army suit is stained with bloodstains from soldier’s remains The red army, movin across the desert on camels and black horses Camouflaged fortress, four horsemen blowin shit out of proportion I’m trapped in a line of fire, all our desires be inside the empire Rhymes are sharp like barbed wires Vocal shit the air like skydivers On gunpowder rains like april showers Camouflaged pillow with skies in range rovers Soulful soldier soul controller I kill jehovah left the sash as closure Casualties of wars Battlegrounds ruled by lords armed with swords I meditate seven miles away from kuwait Where water runs dry through rivers and fountains On weekends catch me collectin heads at the caucus mountains
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