Текст песни John Frusciante - I Go Through These Walls

From The Sounds Inside
Жанр: Art Rock / Psychedelic Rock / Experimental Rock
Исполнитель: John Frusciante
Альбом: From The Sounds Inside
Длительность: 01:53
Рейтинг: 520
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Загрузил: ChandlerMjuriel


All of it's phased, come on with a fast pace life you're showing of You've aged yourself and blaimed a murderer, you are here amongst yourself See him glide as he'll evade before you You are mine, end it all You are mine, end it all Lose it all: these moments, a place under where you've feelings I thought in all, the numbing polluted all my views And there's no pain, And it's no pain I go through revolved, start it all I go through these walls I go through and revolve, start it all I go through these walls
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