Текст песни Bonnie Tyler - All I Need Is Love

Жанр: Pop-Rock
Исполнитель: Bonnie Tyler
Альбом: Wings
Длительность: 04:45
Рейтинг: 881
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Загрузил: Fluffy


There's nothing wrong Wrong with me I'm just a little down and out Don't need a drug to rescue me That's something I can live without [Bridge:] One day I'm up, the next I'm down One day you're here, the next you're gone And I'm just a little bit I'm just a little bit lonely [Chorus:] All I need is love And I'm gonna pull through All I need is love To shake off the blues I need your sweet, sweet love To get me on my feet Baby, you're love is all I need Theres no horizon That I can see There is no light in the dark There's no one here Here but me And the longing in my heart [Bridge] [Chorus] [Solo] [Chorus]
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