Текст песни Sharon den Adel - Fly (Paralysis)

Beyond Within Temptation
Жанр: Symphonic Metal
Исполнитель: Sharon den Adel
Альбом: Beyond Within Temptation
Длительность: 06:24
Рейтинг: 392
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Загрузил: arschgesicht


Early light of morning dying Faith beckons from silences Dancing on tight rope edges Balanced in a train of thoughts Open wounds that do not bleed Times great healer, shall not heal All is sadness, willows weep Tears fall groundwards, groundwards bound Autumn falls, leaves are turning Aged and weathered, lines that burden Tole of time, fear that chases Rainbows disappear, disappear in shadows traces Fly with me, come fly come fly away Fly with me, come fly come fly and see Fly away, dare you fly away Fly away, set your spirit free Were you there when the black rain fell from the skies Do you remember Were you there when the children watched their parents die Tell me this Were you there when the mountains crumbled to the sea Seen it all before, makes me want to shout and scream Shout and scream Bare the scars they've ploughed so deep Time's no healer, just a thief Empty shells are the remains There's no wishes in the end
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