Текст песни Sharon den Adel - Isis And Osiris (Ayreon)

Beyond Within Temptation
Жанр: Symphonic Metal
Исполнитель: Sharon den Adel
Альбом: Beyond Within Temptation
Длительность: 11:11
Рейтинг: 440
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Загрузил: arschgesicht


Let The Journey Begin HIGHLANDER: What heathen place is this that I've arrived in is now the time I pay for all my sins I can't believe that this is God's creation this realm was fashioned by the Deil's ane hand INDIAN: No it has been foretold, in our legends of old wake the spirit within, let the journey begin HIGHLANDER: This quest you speak of is for redemption how can we travel when our souls are lost you think we find ourselves at gates of new salvation when I can only sense the end is here KNIGHT: We're at the gates of Avalon, the island of spirits we're at the gates of Avalon, in search of the grail The Hall Of Isis And Osiris ROMAN: There's no way out, slaves for eternity down in the underworld, the jaws of Orcus I call on Jupiter, ruler of the gods show us the way, from damnation to salvation EGYPTIAN: The fields of Yaaru lie waiting for us all rejoice! the judges have ruled we have been chosen to enter the great hall of Isis and Osiris ROMAN: No you're wrong, we're trapped here in darkness among departed souls, and mislaid spirits I call on Mars, the ancient god of war grant me the power, to free me from this evil Strange Constellations HIGHLANDER: Can you see the stars? Can you recognize the constellations? If I could only see the hills that we're supposed to climb even the sunlight......it doesn't warm.....doesn't warm how are we gonna find our way? If we can't recognize the stars, if we can't recognize the constellations where do we go? Reprise HIGHLANDER: The quest you speak of, it isn't bound for glory no grail exists within this heathen land you think we find ourselves at gates of new salvation when I can only sense...the end is near
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