Текст песни Jefferson Airplane - Rock And Roll Island

Жанр: Classic Rock
Исполнитель: Jefferson Airplane
Альбом: Bark
Длительность: 03:49
Рейтинг: 735
MP3: Скачать
Загрузил: macaralex


Can you make it to the island rock and roll island in the middle of the time seas... back thru time in firesign magnetics flow all around me... sonar laser quasar pulsar bombarded with argon... open your hands and build a park clear your mind and touch the dark we go down down down / / / / back home walkin in the park flashin in the dark no care for the narcs you know we're home free... and if you make it to the island rock and roll island all you got to know is that you are the rules... do it in the sunshine it really is magic you'll never get this high if you try California rock and roll thunder gonna bring you up from down under we go down down down / / / / gonna get back home never get so high when you try I never been this high when I try I never been so high but I try I never get this high when I try y'know when I try can you feel us coming... and going and coming can you feel us singing electric in your body... can you make it to the island north winds rollin' behind you can you make it to the island look around you tell me what you see see the people look at you look at me we are alive and we see that what we are and what we will be will not explode until the twenty ninth century we have only begun to grow you know only begun to grow we have just begun to grow and go you grow we are seedlings of the sun we go down down down down down back home...
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