Текст песни Secondhand Serenade - Broken

Жанр: Alternative Rock / Emo / Acoustic
Исполнитель: Secondhand Serenade
Альбом: Awake
Длительность: 03:51
Рейтинг: 435
MP3: Скачать
Загрузил: EpicTrouble


In the moonlight Your face it glows Like a thousand diamonds I suppose And your hair flows like The ocean breeze Not a million fights Could make me hate you You’re invincible Yeah, It’s true It’s in your eyes Where I find peace Chorus: Is it broken? Can we work it out? Let’s light up the town, scream out loud! Is it broken? Can we work it out? I can see in your eyes You’re ready to break Don’t look away. So here we are now In a place where The sun blended With the ocean thin. So thin, we stand Across from each other Together we’ll wonder If we will last these days If I asked you to stay Would you tell me You would be mine? And time Is all I ask for Time I just need one more day And time You’ve been crying too long Time And your tears wrote this song Stay In the moonlight Your face it glows
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