Текст песни Nelly - Another One

Жанр: Rap
Исполнитель: Nelly
Альбом: Sweat
Длительность: 04:41
Рейтинг: 916
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Загрузил: timonni


(This, is, Derty E-N-T, Bassment Beat Productions)Uh, uh, uh, uh, uh, sing that shit! [Chorus: Nelly] Oh! You can search in the gutter down low You can even wait 'til the mountain comes down And if you wanna wait 'til the river runs dry But you'll never find another one You can search around the whole damn globe Search from in the North, to the East, Westside I bet your bottom dimeNo matter what you do, you'll never find another one [Nelly] Hey yo this chronic got me to', I try to shake it and break it Thinkin it won't go, I went to see the doctor X-rays it won't show, I even wrapped myself up in blankets Just like a cold cause I'm so sick-wid-it It just happened on a song, I feel it in my eyes My urrs and in my nose, my fingers and my toes Translated into flows, man rap gon' need a facelift I'm just so hungry I can taste it Imagine me up in the sto', somewhere behind the counterpushin buttons on the drawer, like doo-doo-doo-doo-doo-doo Chk-chicka, here you go, please come another day I waited a lot of winter days and summer nights to rock the mic City locked down, right before me and the other 'Tics went down You fuckin right it went down Fuckin right I drink Crown, fuckin right we move crowds It's a Derty E-N-T thang, want ya pretty sweet thang [Chorus] [Nelly] I said I like the way you do that right thurr - uhYou just remember why you do that right thurr - uh I made it tight to be country, they thought country was bummy Until country start makin money, now they all in Kentucky Oklahomas and Nashvilles, they givin out record deals (They eventually had their shot) man they been had skills But leave it up to Moses, cause he gon' lead us out I made the world accept on how we speak and how we shout I started that whassup dirty, that dirty how ya doin I let the dirty go up and now niggaz runnin through it Huh, that's why I did it - mayne, just don't forget it - mayne The whole world know I killed it but I still get acquited - mayneI'm a thoroughbred, with some thorough bread I got a thorough chick waitin with some thorough head I'ma pro model, I'm fitted for the new era ranks I should move to Bel-Air the way I +Phillip Banks+ [Chorus] [Nelly] I take a pair of black nines and I'm - the man I said a pair of black nines make 'em - jump man I push your wig from the back to the - front man Just cause I'm peaceful don't mistake me for no - punk man Shit I'ma come clean, I should sleep on the triple beam I'm too damn dope nigga to hang around fiends Plus a team, playa, I never play the team Cause even if I win, we all gettin rings We all gon' bling whether I rap or sing Matter of fact, I should hit a note now just for the hell of it Ohhhhhhh-e-ohh, HOE, ohhhhhhh-oh, oh I'm a muh'fucka, a motherfucker muh'fucka Have my son daddy uncle newphew brother muh-fucka I'ma low pro arsenal, and you can ask SoundScan or ASCAP if you doubtin yo [Chorus] - 2X
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