Текст песни KRS-One - I Can't Wake Up

Return Of The Boom Bap
Жанр: Rap
Исполнитель: KRS-One
Альбом: Return Of The Boom Bap
Длительность: 03:34
Рейтинг: 1062
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Загрузил: Arronaks


[Intro] What I want you to do is count to ten Nine, eight, seven, six, five, four, three, two On one, you will be asleep - one [Hook] I'm a blunt gettin smoked and I can't wake up I'm a blunt gettin smoked and I can't wake up I'm a blunt gettin smoked and I can't wake up I'm a blunt gettin smoked and I can't wake up [KRS-One] I'm dreamin.. about bein a blunt I'm runnin around and I just can't wake up, hah! I'm dreamin.. about bein a blunt, ho! I'm walkin around and I just can't wake up [Verse One] I'm tryin to wake up, I can't wake up So I run and jump, someone yelled, "Get that blunt!" Get that blunt - now I'm thinking this is major I've got a bunch of people chasin me with a razor?! I don't like this dream as a blunt But I can't get out of it and I can't seem to wake up So I'm runnin and racin, blunt smokers are chasin This is insane, I'm caught by House of Pain I'm picked up, they said they gonna +Put My Head Out+ They slit my back and all the tobacco fell out Now I'm hollowed wet thin and yes ready They poured the shumpang gently and re-wet me I'm in the mouth yo, I can't wake up Yo I'm a blunt gettin smoked and I can't wake up [Hook] [Verse Two] Check it out now, in the same attire here comes the fire OW they lit it, now I'm burnin by the minute But check it out, more heads came to chill Everlast took a pull and passed me to Cypress Hill Cypress Hill took a pull, lungs are full Who's next? I'm bein passed to Das EFX As they took a mad pull, smoke blows in heaps It's really smoky but I can still see Black Sheep Whoa! Black Sheep gets me, relights me Room is proper, now I'm passed off to Shabba Shabba's voice gets low like a tuba He said, "Me no follow no rumor" and passed me to Grand Puba I wasn't burnin right so Puba got mad at me And said, "Who rolled this?" and passed it to Kid Capri Kid Capri said, "I won't front! Pass it to Redman, he knows how to roll a blunt" Redman said, "No need to re-roll" He hit, relit it, and passed me to De La Soul De La Soul took a hit and kept hittin Now they're buggin cause they passed me to Bill Clinton Bill Clinton said, "I'll smoke but I won't inhale I'll only hit it twice," he got slapped by Greg Nice Now I fell on the floor, Greg Nice picked me up I'm bein smoked and I can't wake up [Hook] [Verse Three] Get me out of this, somebody wake me up I'm still on fire and I'm still bein smoked up Half my body is gone, now they're comin to my head Now my head is being pinched by Teddy Ted A crazy nightmare I got to go I got to wake up and I'm passed off to Yo-Yo Yo-Yo gets respect as a lady She didn't smoke, she passed me to Showbiz & A.G A.G. said, "Respect due seen" He got one big pull and passed me to Smooth B Smooth B, although he's talking to Teddy Took a hit and passed me to Fab 5 Freddy Freddy said, "Yo! There's nothing left pop" Looked at me in my face and passed me to Chubb Rock Chubb Rock said, "Yo Freddy chill! If you ever catch me smoking, just kick me in the grill" [Hook] I'm DREAMIN!!!
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