Текст песни Buddy Guy - I Smell A Rat

Stone Crazy!
Жанр: Blues
Исполнитель: Buddy Guy
Альбом: Stone Crazy!
Длительность: 09:13
Рейтинг: 698
MP3: Скачать
Загрузил: Stanny


I Smell A Rat I think I smell a rat in my house, baby I believe you got just too late Aw, I smell a rat, I smell a rat in my house, honey, I think you walkin' 'round too late You know I need a rat in my house like this now, just like I need a hole in my head You cry baby you afraid at night, you say you can't stay home all alone Oh you said you afraid, afraid to stay home at night, you say you didn't want to be home alone Oh, but I can smell a rat in the time I get back, and all, and all you do is gonna make me moan You got my backdoor wide open, baby you say you're supposed to be afraid You got my backdoor wide open, and you tell me you're supposed to be afraid You know the last time I slept with it opened, you know 'was so cold I almost lost my head Sometime I think you're foolin' me baby, and I do believe it's just drivin' me around Sometime I think you're foolin' me baby, honey I think you're just drivin' me around Why don't you leave me alone woman, you know I think there's another women I can go, I can be found I think that you have it to explain. honey I'm not that hard to understand Did you ever try to sit down and explain, I am not that hard to understand You will be sleeping with the backdoor open, baby or with another man You're so good, I don't believe I wanna leave you alone Oh you're so sweet to me, I don't believe, I can leave you alone Stayin', and peepin' like you got a woman, and try to make me, all happy
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