Текст песни The Hives - B Is For Brutus

Gran Turismo 4: Full European Soundtrack
Жанр: OST
Исполнитель: The Hives
Альбом: Gran Turismo 4: Full European Soundtrack
Длительность: 02:35
Рейтинг: 622
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Загрузил: hm9r5z


# vk.com/independent_effect ------------------------------------ Hear them saying that a lot is a lot You think it's all that matters You've done your math well You checked the figures You've done your math tell Who is the bigger Man can't explain it but you got a hunch Well, that's always something Climb up the ladder Step up a notch Climb up the ladder then See what you got But if you do it, do it good, Brutus Real good! Like a little man should! Did your homework and you worked the mob Because it's all you can do Tried for a lot still you have a little What happened mister you couldn't figure Out of the rut you still can't get it right Can't get a lot for a little? You keep on trying and you end up in the middle Had an enigma ended up with a riddle But if you do it, do it good, Brutus REAL GOOD Like a little man SHOULD Rewind and look at what you got Had ambition but you lost the plot Judas Brutus Quisling time has come to do What's expected of you REAL GOOD LIKE A LITTLE MAN SHOULD!
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