Текст песни Chronic Future - Apology for Non-Symmetry

Gran Turismo 4: Full European Soundtrack
Жанр: OST
Исполнитель: Chronic Future
Альбом: Gran Turismo 4: Full European Soundtrack
Длительность: 02:49
Рейтинг: 1066
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Загрузил: hm9r5z


I must apologize for not participating in symmetry But it's been such a struggle to win entry to this industry Put simplistically it sickens me for my lack of contributions I hope to tighten loose ends with new sense and end this nuisance I think it's more More than I can take I don't exactly know just what to say to you (so now the roof has hit the floor) That I haven't said before And it feels just like I have been more than Patient enough with wasted breath on bluffs with no bread to touch Much of what I give will become the unstable crutch Then who would you get to lend you a new menu of gifts To spit quick and then shift to the next on your list Cause it feels like I'm gonna try tonight We got a different way of seeing what the day can bring And I know that I'm stepping up to the line Now I'm man enough to understand it So come on navigate while I drive We got a different way of seeing what the day can bring Cause it feels like I'm gonna try tonight Well look who decided to show up grown up in slow motion I have to ask you how did you pass through your own erosion Could you help me get through this life with you instead of Me impeaching the breeze of your breath for every issue I can't give up I gotta keep trying as hard as possible And never throw at you the me that compromised with stappable I make it so hard to try I'll do what I know is right Don't make it seem like t his isn't forever Because I want to come through And be there for you but it feels so bad that I It feels so bad that I was not there all those times This land is [Incomprehensible] fallen asleep The ocean is almost touching my toes [Incomprehensible] behind me [Incomprehensible] [Incomprehensible] ask what it's like where we're going No one knows
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