Текст песни Snowgoons - The Uncrushables (feat. ILL Bill, Sicknature & Sabac Red)

Жанр: Rap
Исполнитель: Snowgoons
Альбом: KraftWerk
Длительность: 04:18
Рейтинг: 1225
MP3: Скачать
Загрузил: hustleR_


[Verse 1: Ill Bill] Listen to Art Bell, Cookie Puss like Carvel Bulletproof like Luca age 12 Marvel Bohemian Grove speaking Elohimian code Under the table sale of reptilian skulls Sherm, purple pill, word to Bill, murder guild, burn your face Burger grill meatloaf head Gucci and cokeheads A Lopez wannabe, Scarface operated Another Scarface incarcerated He said dude, bro, had a jew fro, looked like Tony ? High glucose and blood sugar drug boogers Trouble shooters, double Grey Goose Trey deuce in the bubble goose Hundred proof, who the fuck are you? Came through with a Brooklyn face Jordan started ? to crooked taste Blew a whole in the wall and took the safe Got knocked, got a nose job and blew the case Then knocked again cause after surgery he looked the same [Chorus] Easy to tell, fuck with me and I will see you in Hell The unfuckwithable, the uncrushable There ain’t no stopping the unstoppable Easy to tell, fuck with me and I will see you in Hell The unfuckwithable, the uncrushable There ain’t no stopping the unstoppable [Verse 2: Sicknature] They tell him break a leg so he can start off on the wrong foot And go stomping toward the coffin coughing the wrong hook Loosen his numerals son of ? While the industrial tumors grow The whole fucking world is a Truman Show A true to first like I’m fucking smacking your Tonka They come with war tech, they’re smarter than Hannibal Barca Personality sniper strikes till every bastard is lifeless The newest fancy gadgets, using tracking devices They be sniffing your route when you chill on a couch They planted shit in your house claiming that you dipping your snout But the law points fingers from the villains it’s out Every third pig is using bricks when building his house A rough world, nobody’s staged and accidents happen global From the fucking Titanic to the factories in Chernobyl But you keep standing firm so keep turning it louder Keep banging your head so your cranium turn into powder He’s uncrushable [Chorus] [Verse 3: Sabac Red] I do dirt then wash my hands with the water of Satan Reverse the roles and merge the souls, see the god in its making Shaking exorcism mathematics science and pagans awaiting death While life is lived in the lines of the pavements Creating off seeds, we all bleed and thirst for blood Invading ?, chasing dreams facing curse of love It’s kinda bugged when your affection doesn’t match your intentions And attention that you gain is only based on when you’re mentioned Dreading Armageddon I’m forgetting all of the rules Possessed by pussy greedy drugs and never letting them lose Cruise ships got surveillance when we vacate with the aliens And share notes and Ambien the State we’re preparing them Be wary of their lies and deceitful truths The scary minds are the wise and streets is proof We move fast and try to last for the rest of the way Because tomorrow should better than yesterday’s today [Chorus]
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