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Reassembling The Icons
Жанр: Alternative Rock
Исполнитель: Parabelle
Альбом: Reassembling The Icons
Длительность: 03:46
Рейтинг: 1397
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Загрузил: Clawman


You lost an extra day You always were the obstinate one Well can you defy me, Or can you learn to push before you run And I know that, sometimes not knowing Is all you need to know Can you feel the rhythm? Can you feel anything at all? And that's why this is over if you ever wonder why, We're built the same But we don't act the same Just give me more I'll even meet you in the middle You're stuck here with your riddles and your war if you give me more, I'll get you right back where we started, why bother me if you wont give me more? You gave me more than yesterday You always want the impossible, Going through the casualties alike, Till you remember who you are, or just to Satisfy me, cause you still remember it wrong and you quit on me long ago, Believe in what you said, and all the fences you impliment And that's why This is over Do you ever wonder why, We feel the same but we dont act the same? If we're all the same, we dont act the same.
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