Текст песни EPMD - The Big Payback

Unfinished Business
Жанр: Rap
Исполнитель: EPMD
Альбом: Unfinished Business
Длительность: 04:51
Рейтинг: 418
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Загрузил: GORSVET


[P] Aiyyo whassup E Double? [E] Yo whassup man? [P] Yo these crab MC's got us trapped up behind these walls man But I'm ready to break out of here and do this, yaknahmsayin? So what's the magic word? [Erick Sermon] Open Sesame, and let down the main gate Before you screamed EPMD, you shouldn't wait I roll with a posse, hey you tried to stop me Also yo, your brothers tried to pop me on the sneak tip, without me knowin so I keep goin, and my rhymes keep flowin On and on, and I don't quit I get pushed to the limit, and yo that's it Step by step, I put an end to your fun cause I'm the chosen one, yes me my son A young kid from the ghetto, a kiddie from the city I don't feel sorrow, and I have no pity to run up on you, and wax plus tax Your gold, your money, and from your eyes your contacts Then flex over, a hop skip and a jump to the next town, to go punk a chump MC's try to diss me, and try to bust caps I'm not havin it, and that means no haps Jack So get the bozack, only off the crack, that's wack This is the big payback .. [Parrish Smith] As I go and flow, to a different type of tempo (Why MD?) C'mon E, the P keeps it simple Plus I'm strikin like lightnin, throwin blows like Tyson Slayin MC's on the Q-T, sorta like a sniper So if a sucker don't like me, the feeling is mutual I took my rhyme to a lower RPM, then shift to neutral then crack a 40 (what kind) of Olde E To slay an MC (how) on the Q-T (So what's your name boy?) C'mon, you know it's M.D. So while I'm wreckin he's checkin, all the bodies that's left and a pile behind the stage, the P is like steppin off from the scenes, I see lights and si-rens Witness everywhere, but no one seen a thing When cops ask questions, my description is vague No answers at all, just bodies behind the stage One witness yells out, that he was dressed in black Stupid dookie link, with a Fisherman hat A cop said, "Yo, how'd he flee from the spot?" "In a black sports car, I think it was an Iroc but the windows were tinted, and we couldn't get a look" (Why?) There was smoke from the rubber he cooked The big payback .. [Erick Sermon] No Rome-et-oh, or Juliette romance story Just EPMD, the fame and the glory The rappin technique, somethin like fencin, dangerous It keeps you in suspense And you have to be cool, and plus have stamina Cause if you don't, I'm gonna end up stabbin ya in your guts, from the razor cuts And I'ma stick and pick, until your mind goes nuts It might sound gross, or make your stomach bubble But don't never ever ever, mess with E Double I'm like Jumpin Jack Flash, a Spy with an Eye I do no stunts, and I'm not The Fall Guy I'm just the E, the R-I-C-K, that's all Did some check one-twos, and some yes yes y'alls I'm the man of the hour, sweet to be sour (So what you sayin E?) I got "Soul power!" So dig it, as I kick it, keep your eyes open Cause a brother like me, is always scopin In fact, you should pack, because I cut no slack It's like that.. this is the big payback .. [Parrish Smith] If rappin was a tribe I'd be the chief commanche Had fat link, chunky rings, nuttin fancy So saddle up MC's, and off we go It's not a rodeo, but I carry a lasso Cause I'm back from vacation, cause suckers kept slippin Rappin off-beat, plus your tunes wasn't hittin They wanna claim a style on the M-I-C But I can rotate the state, cold rippin shows with E Cause whether maxin or relaxin, waxin or taxin Never step to a show without packin my partners, Mr. Smith and Mr. Wessun So nothin moves funny, at the rappin session I'm Strictly Biz and knuckles, no time for laugh or chuckles I drop clear lyrics, while your bass so
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