Текст песни Overhype - Suicide

Жанр: Nu-Metal / Rapcore
Исполнитель: Overhype
Альбом: MissTake
Длительность: 03:53
Рейтинг: 551
MP3: Скачать
Загрузил: -K1LLa-


Today isn´t the time to die The time to die You and me All of us around aren´t here Only to fulfill our destiny Cuz everything predestined Could be changed in your favour Now listen to me Ever since the time I got my nick I´ve been addicted to music And I wanna be good at it At a prize that I´m bad son And I´m weed addict So what? Still I think I´m good boy Fuck your bullshit I´ve made many mistakes But mistakes teaches me to Realize why I´m on stage So now I´m gonna tell yoy My whole story baby Maybe it annoys you But I feel it´s necessary When you´re standing In front of mirror and Looking in your eyes When you drown When you´re broke When you´re down Ask yourself why You have the power to solve All your problems Don´t cry When you´re standing In front of mirror and Looking in your eyes When you´re broke When you´re pissed When you´re down Tell me why you wanna commit suicide Today isn´t the time to die The time to die I don´t want to be the best In the world I wanna be the best for my people And for my girl Sometimes I feel that Still I don´t know myself I´ve done so much shit I will burn in hell My after ego makes a mess in my head A would like to live on but Sometimes I wanna see him dead I know you don´t understand What I said Everything bad I´ve just caused myself Cuz I´m bad My life is good I fuck that It´s not the path of fate The evil is in me I hope it´s not too late When the time to pay comes I´ll be O.K. Ready to punishment No way to escape No place to hide But still there´s no reason to commit Suicide Tell me why you wanna deny That you´ve caused yourself The most reasons to cry No matter where you go to believe me Fate gives the opportunity To solve the problem No matter what do you want baby But you have to fight for it You can´t just sit back and wait for it And if you already know it That´s all right So tell me why you´re cryin´ And tell me why You wanna commit suicide
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