Текст песни Dr. Dre - Puffin' on Blunts and Drankin' Tanqueray (LP Version)

Dre Day [UK CD Single]
Жанр: Rap
Исполнитель: Dr. Dre
Альбом: Dre Day [UK CD Single]
Длительность: 11:17
Рейтинг: 848
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Загрузил: Arronaks


[Lady Of Rage] All ways and forever, forever and all ways the rhythm will flow from now and through all days as long as the sun shines as long as Eisenours on the dime yo, I'll be kickin the rhyme One time for ya mind, your soul your body D-o-g's on the side of me, smooth as E & J hard as Bacardi smackin those yaddy-yacks and ducks keep quackin hands that are clappin end up cracklin under the heat the pressure from the one thats deffer Egyptian ruler will call me cleo ro Nefertiti yes indeedi got the eyes of the beedie-body from Tahiti voice of the will lyrics blow chills up ya spine thats illslow all thoughts in ya mind drop a yo came in the front but you be kicked through the back door for tryin to step, tryin to come incorrect tryin to play the left, tryin to start a mess tryin to cause fuss, tryin to raise a ruckus...Huh you'll end up ashes to ashes, dusk to dusk a busta you musta been fuckin on drugs and alcohol back off, all a yall up against the wall spread em, doggs go get em and cuff em and stuff em, cold shed em dont let em not a word, not another one heard if you try you die, visions blurred, speech slurred served with a cherry on top Rage in effect I just begun to rock Yeah rock on witcha bad self RAGE! rock on witcha bad self RAGE! Rock on witcha bad self RAGE! Rock on witcha bad self.... [Dat Nigga Daz] Yo..Im Dat Nigga Daz who packs a tre-8 slug a true nigga from the hood and the pound gives love Yo see...niggas wanna be down but never came around so back up off my nuts and stop sweatin the pound you see niggas get broke off like 1,2,3 cuz Im the D-A to the..(D-A-to the..) D-A- to the Z Now G'z pay attention to this young ass mack daddy in a caddy-haddy, not known about the city where the niggas hang around so I roll em up and hit em up wit the motherfuckin Dogg Pound [Kurupt] I'm rough and rugged and up till to the dirt I'm from the Dogg Pound nigga so Im puttin in work I'm no joke who the fuck you tryin to provoke (1-8-7)It's cool how his ass got smoked I don't drink no fuckin Vsop I drink the motherfuckin O.G., O-E Im from the clik that be kickin the gangsta shit bitch real niggas real G'z wit real big dicks I hit em up wit the Pound so what you wanna throw up claimin your cocaine or cavi when you blow up know what? the Pounds in the motherfuckin house back again we try to get high as we kin Dr.Dre be kickin phat rhymes and produce and kick shit I gets more wicked than Beetlejuice Motherfuckers get battered so scatter before I keep ya hostage a nigga hostage like the grim reaper so Im comin from my hood...what hood you really like to know motherfucker I thought you knew motherfucker dont you know Im stranded on the row I take a look into the crowd kick a style a flow I'm mashin, motherfuckers get murdered for action relax kid, your rollin wit a fuckin assasin outlasted did dirt the other day betray, the roll of a G, from the D-O double G P-o-u-n-d, Pound so bow-bow motherfuckin marks the execute the start, when the chronic gets sparked Im like ?? Wrecks I flex murderous rhymes to leave you all dead what said is all said its already spoke the dead is the dead I aint no fuckin joke I murder motherfuckers as a hobby one of my idols aint no joke so why in the fuck should I be Fly me to the Bahamas, ruff rhymer, dramas what your kickin, wicked is how Im a approach ya, the locster, whos quick to up and smoke ya your lookin like a smoka, grinnin like the joker I yolk ya from da back like a bitch talkin shit but a bitch aint shit, cuz a bitch aint shit but a ho and trick on my dick flip, lets take a trip to the Dogg Pound fools tryed to punk me when I was young but Im a hog now and I gets respect and I step wit a tec 9 ready to put somethin up in that ass to give respect mine foo
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