Текст песни Mando Diao - One Blood

Never Seen The Light Of Day
Жанр: Rock
Исполнитель: Mando Diao
Альбом: Never Seen The Light Of Day
Длительность: 06:42
Рейтинг: 410
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Загрузил: RAZOR82


Take the road on your wheelchair Roll it out tonight! Cause there's only one option for us right now One of us got to get down If you don't hear my call for help You're in another world boy! I've lost my faith in the pure, blue skied summertime I've been lying awake at night thinking That son of a fuck dragged me down and now I'm lost Can you help me find my long way back home? The traffic lights are even dimmer then my past Give me a sign, some kind of religion, Allah, Buddha I don't care, I don't dare to choose one sign, one heart, one feeling, one God Coz it's one blood floating in the stream It's one blood floating in the stream... Every day that goes I need more and more people around me People I can rely to Not those fucking sellouts I read about in the papers Whose only hope are equally dumb consumers I'm up on that stage, I'm up here, you're down there Does that make me more important? More intelligent? More likely to live that happy standard life your parents set you out to? I don't know - You're in a position most kids dream of I don't know - You can be as weak as the man sleeping on newspapers I don't know - You're still set out to tell the dirty man's story I don't know - Other people are talking and thinking about you as we speak But I've seen them out there as well - Yeah, but you don't know them do you!? No but they don't know me either - Well, they think they do! They think they do! THEY THINK THEY DO!!! So what do I need to get through the day? - ONE BLOOD! What do I need to break on through the night? - ONE HEART! What do I do to get along with these, these fools? - ONE SOUL! Why don't I just go back to the steal factory? Or the warehouse? Or the railroad? Get the fuck out of here, get the fuck out of music, back to the days when we had one heart, one brain, one soul, one God Coz it's one blood floating in the stream It's one blood floating in the stream It's one blood floating in the stream...
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