Текст песни Nanowar - Nanowar

Into Gay Pride Ride
Жанр: Heavy Metal
Исполнитель: Nanowar
Альбом: Into Gay Pride Ride
Длительность: 04:05
Рейтинг: 643
MP3: Скачать
Загрузил: DCLXVI


Out in the forest, on the grass I lay Reading a volume I bought on eBay The pages are dusty, yellow and old Mystical secrets I'm starting to unfold Warmth, wisdom, gaudium and bliss A trickle of glory springs like the dog piss Shower of gold, non sparkling beverage The low rate of carbohydrates makes me bold... Aaahhh Aaahhh Aaahhh Delizia, primizia, malizia Peperlizia, egizia, immondizia Aaahhh Aaahhh Aaahhh Patrizia, sevizia, letizia Giudizia, Yakuzia, Pomezia Page after page, line after line Delicious taste, excrement of a swine Darky and brown, creamy consistence Enters my mouth, I oppose no resistance Oh Oh Oh Gentile, robusto e fruttato Prelibato e gustoso al palato Oh Oh Oh Caramella, fruittella, Graziella Mozzarella, nutella, Scaramella Blessed be, Karkagnor, with no other term Who forged yummy dishes, but flavoured like sperm Blessed be, Karkagnor, the almighty cook It makes my mouth water, the sight of his book But now, what I see? Cholesterol, lipids in me! Monosaccharides, polysaccharides, I'm still longing for thee! Proteinic support is now starting to flee - this is hell! Thanks to your meal I've contracted hepatite C Damned be, Karkagnor, and your poisoned food Unhealthy and toxic but nonetheless good Damned be, Karkagnor, you unholy chef Forbidden by both FAO and UNICEF Damned be, Karkagnor, and your poisoned food! Cialda croccante al sapor di pup Damned be, Karkagnor, you unholy Chef! In un mondo di malinconia al caff And where have you been, Kai Hansel my son? And where have you been, my Hanson young man? I've been to Sad Donald, mother make my bed soon 'Cos I'm full in the stomach, rest all the afternoon And what did you eat there, Kai Hansel my son? And what did you eat there, Mike Jackson young man? An Unhappy Meal, mother free toilet soon 'Cos my anus is whistling for a shit like the moon And how was the food there, Kai Hansel my son? And how was the food there, Rich' Benson young man? Delicious but cruel, mother dig my grave soon For I'm doomed by Karkagnor's sick Plexiglas spoon
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