Текст песни Landser - Nordland

Das Reich Kommt Wieder
Жанр: RAC
Исполнитель: Landser
Альбом: Das Reich Kommt Wieder
Длительность: 03:14
Рейтинг: 834
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Загрузил: tolstik88


Es giebt ein Land Ganz hoch im Norden In Schnee u Eis mit Seen und Fyorden Chorus Nordland, Nordland Glaub mir deine Stunde kommt Nordland Dort lebt ein Volk Seit Tausend Jahren Die Augen Blau Mit blonden Haaren Chorus Ein Segel winkt Am Horizont Es naht Walhall Wo Odin wohnt There is a land, far in the north, a land of snow, with seas that flow… (Chorus) Northland, Northland, Believe me your time has come, Northland. There is a folk, 4000 years, with eyes of blue, and long blonde hair… (Chorus) The Viking ship, on the horizon, sails to Valhalla, the home of Odin… (Chorus X 6, then faded out) THE REICH COMES BACK On every corner “Nazis out” is seen. But we don’t care, you know what I mean? Because we know, that we will win, When the scum’s kicked out of here! Chorus: Can you see our flags, can you hear our songs? The Reich is back, and the Government is gone! We will smash, and shit on the cops. Clear the streets the skinheads are here! Turks, and reds, and all you scum, Your time has come, get outta here! (Chorus) No Turks around here any more. No pedophiles to baptize our kids. No niggers to drink our beer. No filthy Jews to oppress our kin! (Chorus) (Group) Black, White, Red, Black, White, Red, (Repeating while the words below are spoken) (spoken) Black, Red, and Yellow are the colors, that destroyed Germany. German traitors and Communist pigs want to destroy their national pride. German people are fighting for their rights, against traitors and occupants. Soon the night will light up again with the colors, Black, White Red!!!
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